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Recently in Tampa’s Sulphur Spring area a new grocery has opened serving farm fresh food at great discounts! One of the great things about this is that it has opened in an area where normally people do not have access to good vegetables & fruits. The mission behind 1 Apple is to bring good food to lower income families & friends. I personally hold the ideal that the root cause of our brain & body development comes from the foods we eat early in life. You are what you eat literally. Many of the lower income areas tend to have a very high level of fast food, highly processed sugar options when it comes to food. For example what do you normally see at Dollar Discount, fast food chains, pizza joints, to gas stations? Look at the aisles it speaks for itself, then we wonder why people tend to be real hyper & slow learning. I believe if we make a shift in eating habits, from highly processed foods to natural options much can change in the community. Besides it being healthy it’s also educational to the youth to know that yes food actually comes from living beings & out of the earth. This connection with food & life can revolutionize an entire generation on sustainability with their lives & society.

So Kudos & Blessings to 1 Apple for making a quantum leap in the community by providing good natural food & supporting local farms!

Here is their mission statement:

Everyone should be able to make affordable, healthy food choices. Community organizations, policymakers, concerned residents, business leaders and other stakeholders can join together to identify and implement innovative solutions to improve access to healthy food. These solutions improve the health of residents, while also bringing a range of economic and social benefits, helping to ensure that all residents live in communities of choice and opportunity.

1 Apple is located at 8614 North Nebraska Avenue in Sulphur Springs, Tampa next to the Florida Department of Health WIC clinic.1 Apple exists on the premise that all clients deserve respect, prompt service, and access to nutritious food. Our mission is to bring nutritious food to all individuals and families within and around the Sulphur Springs area.

We believe that our clients’ experience is measured by the caring and knowledgeable service we provide on a day-to-day basis. Our fairly priced products have been carefully selected following the USDA and the Department of Health guidelines.

Our team is formed by a nutritionist; a seasoned grocer/wholesaler purchasing agent, and a state-certified Food Safety Manager. We have each been trained by the Florida Department of Health to assist you with your purchases using EBT cards.

Check out their Facebook page to keep up on their weekly specials & Farmers Market!