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Birdhouse Buying Club delivering food for all in Tampa has arrived. Founder Ryan Iacovacci began this ideal with a vision of people eating farm fresh food locally especially in Sulphur Spings Tampa. For those of you that don’t know Sulphur Springs has a reputation of drugs & crime with alot of police presence. Through Food he sees a way of changing all of that by enpowering the residents with good food at affordable prices delivered to them. At the moment he has several members mostly friends that subscribe to his buying club. Every Thursday they meet up at The Mermaid Tavern for the week’s pickings they order at the website online.

Step by Step his goal is to reach the residents of Sulphur Springs with eventually a grocery setting where they can have access to local farm fresh food.

I recently met up with him at The Local Dirt Magazine Launch Party in Ybor where he explained to me the power of ten. Basically if you can find five (5) popular influential people in the community people listen to & respect, they have the potential to motivate 50 people to spread the message. Hence if those 50 people are very respected they also have the potential to drive 500 people. So there you have it folks lets get it poppin!

“It’s not about organic, it’s not about saving the world,” Iacovacci, 25, said. “If I could save money or it’s fresh or tastes better, that’s what it’s about.” (Tampa Bay Times)

“We are working to build a sovereign food system that has the strength to resist economic shocks, and make more affordable local fresh food.” Ryan Iacovacci

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