Had the pleasure of hanging with good friend of mine Chris Tolan (ex-Tampa cook) back in late August when I was in San Francisco, CA. for a cool underground dinner event put together by the Urban Eating League. They do these monthly gatherings of foodies & artists where 3 to 4 spaces compete amongst each other for the best dish, presentation, and hospitality. The diners move from one location to another to sample a dish at each home, space, etc, which they all vote on.

Filmed at The Convent in San Francisco (August 26th, 2012) during the Urban Eating League’s dinner event. It features Chef Chris Tolan as The Convent’s cook for the event. The dish featured is a Tempura Eggplant, Sauteed Oysters, Togarashi, Pickled Radish, with chive creme! Congrats to Chris Tolan for winning the most Tastiest & Best Looking Dish Award at UEL August 2012 cookoff! Music by The Coo Coo Birds!!

Watch the video for more info on the Urban Eating League!

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