Farms to Forks

Mike & Tony’s Seafood (Orlando, Fl.)

For the second Hidden Table Mike & Tony are providing the seafood!

About: Our belief is that Respect for the fishermen, their industry and their product results in a superior product for the chef and the end result is a happy and satisfied diner. While our primary focus is on fresh and local , we carry a full product line of sustainable seafood and can source anything you might need.

Suncoast Food Alliance (West Central Florida)

Thanks to John Matthews at Suncoast Food Alliance for helping us out with all the great Organic Veggies!

About: The Suncoast Food Alliance is a unique endeavor to satisfy the demand for locally-grown products in Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte counties in West Central Florida.

Farmers and Food establishments have long desired the ability to work together, but the rigors of both businesses have limited their time to work together. That’s where the Suncoast Food Alliance comes in. As a marketing and distribution company of locally grown products, the Suncoast Food Alliance is bridging the divide to meet the local demand for fresh items.

Pur Olive Oil (Tampa, Fl./Armeni, Greece)

For the second Hidden Table we will be using local Chris Politis Family’s Olive Oil, which is based out of Greece from their own Olive Farm!

About: In 1950, Christos Politis planted the olive trees of pur olive oil on his estate, in the small village of Armeni, Greece. his estate was then passed down to his 3 boys, and down to their children. The olive trees are grown mountain side, and the olive oil production is one of the main occupation of the village people. they take pride producing and awarding themselves with the most famous Greek, First Quality Extra-VirginOlive Oil.

PUR Olive Oil offers you extra virgin, 100% pure Greek gourmet olive oil, free of chemicals, GMO’s, preservatives, and an acidity level less than 0.3%.
A family operated buisness since 1950.



Pasture Prime Family Farm (North Central Florida)

Pasture Prime will be providing the meats for our dishes, naturally fed pork & beef.

About: “Our family has worked the same land in North Central Florida since 1976. Our involvement with farming started innocently enough: hand milking a Jersey and Holstein cow for our kids’ 4-H projects. Well, one thing led to another, and our farm grew to a 750-cow milking operation. After 25 years of running the family dairy, we decided to change directions. We were interested in building a sustainable farm, and in the process, we learned about Wagyu cattle. At the time, Washington State University was pioneering the American Wagyu movement. Many in our family are WSU alums, so we were intrigued. Wagyu cattle are a wonderful breed for sustainable farms. Their tender meat thrives on a 100% grass-fed diet. We wanted to add more animals to the farm that complemented an eco-friendly operation. The addition of Berkshire and Mangalitsa pigs, free-range chickens, and heritage turkeys has rounded out our operation. We continue to explore new breeds and projects that will support our philosophy.”

Glory Roads Garden (Lutz, Fl.)

Glory Road Gardens is supplying us with the microgreens!

About: “Glory Road Gardens is a farm that produces beautiful edible microgreens with love. We use old fashioned homegrown natural methods, growing in soil for a more vibrant crop than hydroponics. Microgreens are the small edible sprouts mainly grown from the seeds of vegetables and herbs such as pea greens, mustard greens, radish, sunflower, lettuce, and so on. Literally the first sprouts from the seed, microgreens are no older than two weeks when picked. The greens tend to have a higher nutritional value than more mature plants. This concentration is evident in their strong, often spicy flavor and intense deep green and purple colors. Gourmet chefs covet them for their delicate beauty and sophisticated texture and they are served as salads or as a garnish.”

King Farm (Myakka City, Fl.)

King Farm Myakka is supplying us with some produce also!

About: The Kings are third-generation Manatee County residents, humble, God-fearing and proud of their stewardship of the land and the crops they produce. It’s in their blood. Shelby’s grandfather, Lewis Hamilton, at one time farmed together with Ben’s grandfather, Jack Taylor.

Jack Taylor’s farming operation eventually became incorporated as Taylor and Fulton, one of the area’s major tomato producing companies.

Ben King worked for Taylor and Fulton for years, before deciding to farm on a smaller scale and raise a greater diversity of crops.

In 2005, Ben King begin plowing the ground for what would become King Farm Myakka. He and two of his workers laid miles of pipe for irrigating crops.

Read more:

Winter Park Dairy (Winter Park, Fl.)

Winter Park Dairy is supplying us with much of the dairy.

About: Winter Park Dairy is the first Florida licensed dairy to be built in the last decade and the pioneer in producing 100% natural raw milk artisan cheese. It is also the smallest, least mechanized and most urban.  The raw milk cheesemaking process means that pasteurizers are not used to heat and destroy the integrity of the milk. Our signature cheese “Bleu Sunshine” is handcrafted and fully aged in only 60 days. It is the only raw milk product that can legally be purchased. Produced in small wheels, “Bleu Sunshine” ages to perfection quickly and maintains the closest possible connection to the cow and farm.  Fresh From Florida means just that – Fresh.


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