Sunday First Dinner


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So Sunday is almost upon us, and we are prepping getting all the essentials to make our first dinner a fun & delicious experience! I recently emailed everyone on the time & location. We ask that everyone arrive by 4pm, so that you can settle in before the first course which should start around 5pm. Looking forward to meeting all of you on Sunday!


Nov 13 dinner all booked!


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Wow what a great response within 24 hours we got all seats filled with reservations! For those that were not able to get in no worries we got more dinners coming. We put some on waiting lists for the next one to have the oppurtunity to dine with us in the future.

The Hidden Table #1 (November 13, 2011)


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The first Hidden Table will take place at a private residence in St Petersburg Beach on November 13, 2011. Directions to the residence will be given via email to confirmed reservations. This amazing locally sourced 5 Course meal will be paired with complimentary wines, by our cooks local Chef Jason Cline & Rene Alfaro.

Smooth chillout music provided by Chang for your dining pleasure.

Here’s the PDF of the menu for better view: Hidden Table#1 menu

Thanks goes out to all the local farms we sourced much of the food from: 3 Boys Farm, Prime Pastures, Winter Park Dairy, Roy Vance’s Organics Garden, Glory Road Gardens, King Farm..

To make a reservation go to our reservation page and fill in the form. We will send you an email to confirm your reservation is locked in. Once you get the confirmation you can go ahead and pay via our paypal donation button on the upper left. We are capping the reservations to 3 people a party at the most to give others a chance to get in. If you have any more questions check out our FAQ page, or email us at:

The Local Dirt Magazine


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The Local Dirt is a new magazine to launch out of Tampa that is all about local sustainable farming, food, restaurants, and cooks. Expect to see various articles from farming, recipes, local chefs, restaurants, to environmental issues.  hey plan to distribute over 20,000 magazines in the area. Currently they are raising funds at Kick Starter, head on over give what you can to help meet their goal. Plus if you are interested in advertising contact Ferrel at: (813 732.0702)

Online Advertise Form click here. Watch video below for a message from the founders.

The Perennial Plate Episode 67: Kids at a Farm


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The Perennial Plate Episode 67: Kids at a Farm from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

Really cool video from The Perennial Plate I came across yesterday while checking some blogs out. They travel around the country making dishes with locally sourced food & different people on their journeys. Check out their site they have a great selections of videos they produce themselves from their travels.

“The Perennial Plate is an online weekly documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating.  The episodes follow the culinary, agricultural and hunting explorations of chef and activist, Daniel Klein.  Season One took place over a calendar year in Minnesota where very Monday for 52 weeks, Klein and cameragirl Mirra Fine released short films about good food.  In Season Two, Klein will be traveling across America, taking the viewer on a journey to appreciate and understand where good food comes from and how to enjoy it.”

Facebook Group Gaining Momentum


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Wow, we have been getting alot of good responses to our Facebook Group for The Hidden Table Florida! It’s a very good cross section of individuals that love food from the area, will be awesome to see some of these people come together at the dinner table. If you want in check out the group page at: The Hidden Table FB Group

We are getting the date locked down soon, within a week stay tuned. Till then keep tasting life to the fullest!