Reservations are closed for April 29th, 2012 dinner.

To make a reservation, fill out the form below.  We ask that you include who or what referred you — i.e. friend, website, etc.  We will get back to you shortly via email to confirm the reservation as well as the location. Right now, we are not equipped to take reservations by phone.

We will email you back to confirm your seat & the address of the location, once you get our confirmation then you can go ahead, and pay by clicking on the paypal donation button located on the right. Please do not pay until we confirm your reservation, very important.

Please limit your purchase to 4 seats for the dinner.

Please pay within 48 hours of comfirmed payment to help expedite the process of us getting the food & supplies for the dinner.

Refunds are not available for cancellations, however if you would like to transfer your seats to friends or nice people you may.

Thank you, and Bon appétit!


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