The Bee and The Stamen


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Here’s a cool ambient piece of music composed by King Britt for a festival at Philadelphia’s Bartram Gardens called Switched On Garden! It features many musicians and artists interpreting the journey of the bees in the gardens! There’s various musical interpretations listed on there that you can purchase on Data Garden’s website. The cool thing also is that you can purchase a seed album that gives you the links to download the music, and after you are done you can plant it in the earth!

From King Britt’s press release: What you are about to hear is from the sonic point of view of a bee within his journey. From searching for the organ that produces pollen, the stamen, to when grains fall and cross pollinate. Its a taste of experimental sound design and imagination.

Here’s the video of his performance at Data Garden!

The Switched-On Garden 002 – Episode 8 – The Concerts from Data Garden on Vimeo.

More videos of Data Garden: Vimeo

Get the LIMITED EDITION run of 200 Plantable Music seed-paper albums. Type in the url and code written on the back of your seed-paper to download your music. Then, plant your album and watch it grow into blue Lobelias.


Urban Eating League Dinner Party (San Francisco)

Had the pleasure of hanging with good friend of mine Chris Tolan (ex-Tampa cook) back in late August when I was in San Francisco, CA. for a cool underground dinner event put together by the Urban Eating League. They do these monthly gatherings of foodies & artists where 3 to 4 spaces compete amongst each other for the best dish, presentation, and hospitality. The diners move from one location to another to sample a dish at each home, space, etc, which they all vote on.

Filmed at The Convent in San Francisco (August 26th, 2012) during the Urban Eating League’s dinner event. It features Chef Chris Tolan as The Convent’s cook for the event. The dish featured is a Tempura Eggplant, Sauteed Oysters, Togarashi, Pickled Radish, with chive creme! Congrats to Chris Tolan for winning the most Tastiest & Best Looking Dish Award at UEL August 2012 cookoff! Music by The Coo Coo Birds!!

Watch the video for more info on the Urban Eating League!

Check out the Coo Coo Bird’s!

Thanks to Everyone Hidden Table 2!


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Thanks to everyone that came out to The Hidden Table 2 on April 29th, 2012! We had such a wonderful time serving & drinking with you all, good times! That Lemonade Vodka was nice was it not?! Keep an eye for Hidden Table 3 sometime in the Fall!

Check out all the pictures in the Fotos section of the site! Thanks to James Scannel and Norman B for some of the photos you see on the slideshow above.

The Hidden Table #2 (Sunday April 29, 2012)


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The second Hidden Table will be taking place at Jason Ruhe’s & Hope Eliz’s (In Bloom Catering) home on April 29th, 2012 from 3pm till ?. Directions to the residence will be given via email to confirmed reservations. We had a last minute change in address due to a family emergency in the Politis Family. We are very grateful to Jason & Hope for providing us his residence on such short notice!

The menu this time around is a Greek inspired 4 Course dinner that features “Pur” Olive Oil from the Politis Family’s own Olive Farm in Greece, paired with complimentary wines, followed by complimentary cocktails. Brought to you by Chefs Jason Cline & Rene Alfaro.

Many thanks to Glory Roads GardensSuncoast Food Alliance, Oasis Growers (Mike Lenas), D’s Farm (Local Dairy), Pur Olive OilMike & Tony’s Seafood, and Michael Wuliger for donating food from Bin 27 Restaurant! Without all of these great Locally Sourced Foods this dinner would not be possible. We try to keep as much as the menu Local for health, quality, and of course the best taste!

Smooth Chillout music by: Chang

Dinner begins at 4:00pm

If you have any more questions check out our FAQ page, or email us at:

Hidden Table#2 menu April 29 2012

Crop Mob comes to Plant City!



Cool video on how a group of people got together to work for free on a farm!

Enter the Crop Mob! My Fox News Coverage!

TUFF Facebook

“They want to hit a different farm every month. The aim is to bring back farming techniques to their own projects (like urban gardens) and support the idea of old-fashioned small family farms.

They are looking for anyone who wants to help.”

Call Robin Milkcowitz
(813) 298-5518

Or Eddie Shumard
(813) 789-0482

Birdhouse Buying Club Tampa!


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Birdhouse Buying Club delivering food for all in Tampa has arrived. Founder Ryan Iacovacci began this ideal with a vision of people eating farm fresh food locally especially in Sulphur Spings Tampa. For those of you that don’t know Sulphur Springs has a reputation of drugs & crime with alot of police presence. Through Food he sees a way of changing all of that by enpowering the residents with good food at affordable prices delivered to them. At the moment he has several members mostly friends that subscribe to his buying club. Every Thursday they meet up at The Mermaid Tavern for the week’s pickings they order at the website online.

Step by Step his goal is to reach the residents of Sulphur Springs with eventually a grocery setting where they can have access to local farm fresh food.

I recently met up with him at The Local Dirt Magazine Launch Party in Ybor where he explained to me the power of ten. Basically if you can find five (5) popular influential people in the community people listen to & respect, they have the potential to motivate 50 people to spread the message. Hence if those 50 people are very respected they also have the potential to drive 500 people. So there you have it folks lets get it poppin!

“It’s not about organic, it’s not about saving the world,” Iacovacci, 25, said. “If I could save money or it’s fresh or tastes better, that’s what it’s about.” (Tampa Bay Times)

“We are working to build a sovereign food system that has the strength to resist economic shocks, and make more affordable local fresh food.” Ryan Iacovacci

For more on the Bird House Buying Club check out the links below! Good Work Ryan!!

Birdhouse website (order here)

Birdhouse Buying Club Blog 

Birdhouse Facebook Group

Birdhouse on Twitter

Tampa Bay News Press on Birdhouse

83 Degrees Press on The Birdhouse

Rootz Underground


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Rootz Underground is a roots rock reggae band out Kingston, Jamaica good friends of mine for many years now. They have been touring the world as of late and opening up for acts like Gregory Isaacs, Stephen Marley, Ziggy Marley, Israel Vibration, The Wailing Souls, Alpha Blondy, Toots & The Maytals.. They recently put out a mixtape in honor of all the Organic Farmers around the world here’s the mix for you to enjoy!


Besides music they have a project going on to help plant a tree around the world.

check the pictures:

“Stephen, Colin and Leon are setting the example of how to be involved in the ROOTZ RELEAF PROJECT with this little instructional video breaking down the process. Please check it out so you can both laugh at just how ‘country’ Leon’s digging style is as well as learn what it is we’re asking from you.

Once again, thank you for your support. We appreciate you giving us this medium to communicate and promise always to include cool treats 🙂

If you haven’t downloaded it yet please check our latest release “RAIN” here.”

Watch the video for more info on how you help by planting a tree! Urban Oasis


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Check out this great video on the Urban Oasis Hydroponic Farm here in Tampa! Shot by 3 Square Studios! from 3 Square Studios on Vimeo.

Thanks to the Urban Oasis Hydroponic Farm in Tampa, Fl for supplying us with the awesome produce to make this film. 3Square is happy to help in the local farm movement.

Local Dirt Release Party (Jan 12. 2012)


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The Local Dirt Magazine is having their Release Party on Thursday Jan. 12 from 7pm-11pm at The Roosevelt 2.0 in Ybor! Stop by for live music, drinks, and Gourmet Food Trucks! Come out and meet local Farmers, Chefs, Foodies, and people that are part of the Sustainable Slow Food Movement in Tampa Bay! Big thanks to Ferrel Alvarez at Cafe Dufrain & Kathy at Urban Oasis Hydroponic Organic Farm for putting this together!

Bring healthy food to lower income areas One Apple at a time..


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Recently in Tampa’s Sulphur Spring area a new grocery has opened serving farm fresh food at great discounts! One of the great things about this is that it has opened in an area where normally people do not have access to good vegetables & fruits. The mission behind 1 Apple is to bring good food to lower income families & friends. I personally hold the ideal that the root cause of our brain & body development comes from the foods we eat early in life. You are what you eat literally. Many of the lower income areas tend to have a very high level of fast food, highly processed sugar options when it comes to food. For example what do you normally see at Dollar Discount, fast food chains, pizza joints, to gas stations? Look at the aisles it speaks for itself, then we wonder why people tend to be real hyper & slow learning. I believe if we make a shift in eating habits, from highly processed foods to natural options much can change in the community. Besides it being healthy it’s also educational to the youth to know that yes food actually comes from living beings & out of the earth. This connection with food & life can revolutionize an entire generation on sustainability with their lives & society.

So Kudos & Blessings to 1 Apple for making a quantum leap in the community by providing good natural food & supporting local farms!

Here is their mission statement:

Everyone should be able to make affordable, healthy food choices. Community organizations, policymakers, concerned residents, business leaders and other stakeholders can join together to identify and implement innovative solutions to improve access to healthy food. These solutions improve the health of residents, while also bringing a range of economic and social benefits, helping to ensure that all residents live in communities of choice and opportunity.

1 Apple is located at 8614 North Nebraska Avenue in Sulphur Springs, Tampa next to the Florida Department of Health WIC clinic.1 Apple exists on the premise that all clients deserve respect, prompt service, and access to nutritious food. Our mission is to bring nutritious food to all individuals and families within and around the Sulphur Springs area.

We believe that our clients’ experience is measured by the caring and knowledgeable service we provide on a day-to-day basis. Our fairly priced products have been carefully selected following the USDA and the Department of Health guidelines.

Our team is formed by a nutritionist; a seasoned grocer/wholesaler purchasing agent, and a state-certified Food Safety Manager. We have each been trained by the Florida Department of Health to assist you with your purchases using EBT cards.

Check out their Facebook page to keep up on their weekly specials & Farmers Market!